Cancer Prevention & Education
Educational classes which include
referrals to free mamograms for women
without insurance.

Diabetes & Nutrition
Preventive and management courses
on diabetes that is covered over 10
classes. This course takes place every
Wednesday from 9:30 am to 11:30 am.

Keep Your Heart Healthy (KYHH)
Sponsored by the City of Chicago and
General Electric Foundation, the KYHH
Project is designed to identify
individuals most at risk for developing
heart disease. The program links
individuals to medical care and direct
services through referrals. Individuals
make changes in diet, exercise and
other areas to reduce their risk for
heart disease.

Gas and Light assistance throughout
the year for eligible individuals.

Health Fairs and Conference's
Centro Comunitario Juan Diego
sponsors and organizes Health fairs
and conferences. A number of health
institutions, organizations and private
businesses are invited to provide free
screenings and information on the
services the provide. These events are
family oriented and include resources
addressing the entire families needs.

Food Pantry
The food pantry is available every
Friday from 12pm to 2pm or until the
food runs out of food. Please be
prepared to wait. Remember that the
majority of the food that is being
distributed is donated and whatever is
received is distributed.
Health Promoter Training Course
CCJD conducts health promoter
trainings for community residents
throughout a total of 10 classes.
Classes  cover a verity of health
topics. Advanced health promoter
training courses cover specific
health topics.

Door to Door (Una Visita Cuenta)
Community Health Promoters
(CHP) conduct home visits to bring
resource information, prevention,
and management. The CHPs also
provide referrals as needed.

States Attorneys
Twice a month we have states
attorneys who come and offer legal
advice as well as referrals for those
in need.

Summer PlayStreets
During the summer we present free
pop-up play spaces. PlayStreets
empowers the community to come
together and address barriers to
active, fun, and healthy play for
children, teens and families by
providing games and activities.
Community Gardens
Centro Comunitario Juan
Diego manages two
community gardens. The
Vegetable and Floral
garden are always in need
of volunteers.

La Tiendita (Thrift Store)
We have a wide selection
of gently used clothes,
shoes, toys, and more for
very reasonable prices.
Everything raised
through the second
hand store is used to
maintain the daily
operational cost of the