Promotoras de Salud/Community Health Promoters

Centro Comunitario Juan Diego was formed with and still works with the Latin American model of Community Health Promoters (CHP). Community Health Promoters are residents that submerge from the targeted population, that live the same social, cultural, and economic issues. As trusted members of their community, Promotoras de Salud provide culturally appropriate services and fulfill the roles of patient advocate, educator, mentor, outreach worker, navigator, they are the bridge between the population they serve and the health system. The most important goal for CCJD’s CHPs is to empower individuals with the tools they need to manage and maintain, including nutrition, diabetes management, stress management, breast health, and where to find resources. Centro Comunitario Juan Diego’s CHPs targeted outreach efforts is the newly arrived immigrants, those lost in the shadows. Community Health Promoters conduct outreach within local businesses, collaborate with schools, local agencies, and religious institutions, and are available to work with other health-related institutions.