Staff and Volunteers

The greatest asset that Centro Comunitario Juan Diego possesses is the people who have contributed to its success throughout the years. Olivia Hernandez, Executive Director, recognizes and appreciates each of her staff members’ ambition and commitment. “I am always anxious to praise my staff. I feel so lucky to work with them.” She is also very grateful to the Board of Directors, saying, “Centro Comunitario Juan Diego’s Board has been a pillar for me, and I don’t feel alone when I’m confronted with challenges.”

Maria Olivero                     Current Board of Directors Member

Florencia Carmona          Current Board of Directors Member

Antonio Salazar                 Current Board of Directors Member

Elizabeth Del Torro          Current Board of Directors Member

Amparo Castillo                Current Board of Directors Member

Sandy Chavez                    Current Board of Directors Member

Nora Coronado                 Current Staff – 24 years

Aja Hernandez                  Current Staff – 15 years

Lorraine Mojica                 Current Staff – 4 years

Saira Bensett                     Current Staff – 3 years

Rosa Perea                         Current Staff – 22 years

Olivia Hernandez              Current Executive Director – 25 years

“Every day, I am amazed by the effort my volunteers put in and the sacrifices they make. I want them to know how much I appreciate their commitment and hard work. It is not through me but through their efforts that we’ve been able to service an estimated 17,000 people every year. Every day there is someone next to me reminding me why I’m doing what I do. I see myself in those women asking the difficult questions, They want to know where to go, they want to know how to get there, and how to do it. They crave fair treatment and equal opportunities for their children. All they want is the knowledge of how to stand up and how to dismantle the way society marginalizes them based on their race and gender. Today many of these volunteer women have built courage, gained knowledge, and fostered connections to secure their own rights, and resources for themselves and their families. I thank you for your commitment, time, hard work, and for standing with me”.

Guadalupe Gonzalez                      Alejandra Luna

Gloria Ramirez                                   Maricela Salgado

Alejandro Vega                                 Berta Negrete

Virgina Ruiz                                         Jose Vega

Raul Estrada                                       Robert Reyna

Maria Reyna                                       Ramon Ávila

Hermelinda Magallanes              Yolanda Campos

Leticia Pachuca                                Norma Pinedo

Theresa Jones